OGG Airport Maui

OGG Airport Maui

Kahului Airport

OGG Airport is Kahului Airport

OGG is the code for the main Maui airport.  It is officially called Kahului Airport because it is in Maui’s largest city of Kahului.  OGG Airport  is the only airport on Maui to which you can fly from the mainland of the U.S., or to or from any other country.  The other airports on Maui are very small and only have flights to and from the other Hawaiian islands.

OGG airport Maui hosts full-size jets flying to and from the other islands of Hawaii, as well as to and from the other 49 states of the U.S., plus Canada and other countries.  You can fly non-stop to OGG from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Seattle, Phoenix, Dallas, Las Vegas, and several other cities.  If you are coming to Maui from a city that does not offer non-stop service to OGG, then you will have to change planes in one of the above cities, or in Honolulu.  The connecting flight from Honolulu to OGG airport Maui takes about 30 minutes.

Airlines that fly to and from OGG airport include Hawaiian, American, Delta, Alaska, United, and Air Canada.  No 747 or other jumbo jets fly into or out of OGG because the runway is not long enough for the jumbos.  The airport code letters OGG are derived from the name of James Bertram Hogg, a pilot who pioneered commercial passenger flights between the Hawaiian islands.

Restaurants at Kahului Airport are at Maui Airport Food.

OGG is in Kahului, which is at the north end of Maui’s central valley.  It is about a 30 to 60 minute drive from OGG to the tourist hotel and condo areas of Kihei, Wailea, Lahaina, Kaanapali, and Kapalua.